World's Best Vanilla Triple Scented Candle (L)

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World's Best Vanilla Triple Scented Candle (L)

World’s Best Vanilla triple scented candle is like vanilla ice-cream, or a piece of vanilla cake with all the frosting. Some vanilla scents are so sweet they can give you a headache, but this one is perfectly blended to give the world’s best vanilla scent yet. You’ve tried the rest, now get the best. 50 hour burn time

FRAGRANCE FAMILY: Gourmand.        
The Gourmand (French for love of food & drink) perfume family creates edible scents from foods & drinks, usually sweet perfumes.
Top Notes: Creamed Sugar Butter, White Grape
Mid Notes: Vanilla cake, Fresh Milk, 
Dry Notes:  Vanilla Beans, Tonka Beans.

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